Sometimes words sound better than the actions we do. Derek Contreras has been a writer for nearly a decade. His recent book It Is Written, has generated much buzz within his hometown of Colton, California. The writing style Derek Contreras possesses gives the reader an intimate conversation with his life and values. Each chapter that is written is a personal conversation with the mind that engages. Derek hopes that everyone who reads will gain knowledge that will benefit their life. He sees the bigger picture and writes a thousand words for each dream that flashes in his mind.

Write From The Heart
It Is Written
By Derek Contreras

Write From The Heart (2017)


The pen is mightier than the sword.

The heart is more courageous than the mind.

Following his thought-provoking seller, It Is Written, author Derek Contreras tells his stories of love and the passion to change the world, one topic at a time. Pain shared is pain lessened, and Derek recruits co-authors, Derrick Malone Jr., Rodney Hardrick, and Wasmy Massillon to share life-changing experiences. It is hoped that these experiences can support the growth of others. Each chapter acts as a solution to the many problems crippling today’s society.

Topics addressed include unconditional love, depression, God, children, and so much more. Write From The Heart gives the readers answers to questions they never thought to ask. Experience has become the best teacher for the authors, and they reciprocate that very same knowledge in a creative juxtaposition of emotion and facts.


Table of Contents: 

  1. In The Heart of Who Matters: The Introduction
  2. I Changed, You Didn't
  3. Pretty Woman 
  4. Soulective Listening
  5. Changed Man by Rodney Hardrick
  6. My World Revolves Around The Sun
  7. Drowning
  8. Broken Wings
  9. Uncomfortable
  10. Different Love
  11. Farewell by Wasmy Massillon
  12. Write For Her Heart



As the world lies in destruction, taboo is the word given to forbidden topics. Authors, Derek Contreras, Darik Chandler, and Wasmy Massillon wrote this book with a purpose in mind, to offer consolidation in the world where self-interested advice rules the masses. The authors speak of society's inner struggle and the constant war among ourselves. It would appear that negativity is a weapon and generosity is a myth. Today, men and women are at a disconnect, and lost souls look for a place to call home. Life’s fragilities, love’s requiem, and emotion's reverence. No fancy words. No embellishments. You can receive these words at the priceless face value given to you.


Table of Contents: 

  1. This Better Be Important To You 
  2. Pretty Woman 
  3. The Square in Your Circle 
  4. Handwriting on the Wall: Raquel Luna
  5. The Juxtapositions of Life 
  6. Blank Stare
  7. The Most Dangerous Drug in the World 
  8. Randumb Thoughts of a Boss 
  9. A Day to God is 1,000 Years: Leslie Alvarado
  10. 3x5’s and Postcards



A college junior Mauricio Allen, is challenged with life altering events, causing him to question his faith and lose his sanity. The story follows him as he maneuvers through the struggles and life lessons God has to offer him. Readers should know that the book is very unorthodox in the lessons it delivers. The book centers around a man who is challenged by God to have faith in the most pressing of times, leading him to crack and hurt the ones he loves. Mauricio gravitates to his addictions of lust and alcohol in order to cope with his problems. The book offers wisdom on dealing with life's struggles as well as enlightening readers on having faith in the most daunting of times. Ask yourself, "Will You Give Up or Will You Look Up?"


Table of Contents:

  1. Prelusion
  2. Everything is Cool
  3. Ordinary Life Shit
  4. Heartbreak Collision
  5. Pllaje
  6. Soundtrack of a Two Seater
  7. Interlude
  8. Life, The Biggest Troll
  9. I Love You, But I Love Her Two
  10. Nothing Was The Same
  11. Ada
  12. The Book of Dinami
  13. Coram Deo
  14. Ending Credtis: Letter To Her