Derek Contreras

Derek Contreras started his journey to creativity as a child when he became infatuated with music. As a Southern California native, he grew up watching his father DJ Faze IV mix and scratch his 12" Wu-Tang vinyl. Inspired by his father and musical influences such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, he would later begin his high-school career with the same musical instrument at his disposal.

With his serato and Technic turntbables, he began DJing the events at his high school in Colton, California. Unable to crack the scene with a major presence, he approached DJing differently. He created mixes for superstar artists XV, Novel, and Shane Eli. His buzz grew along with his catalog of superstar mixes that landed him a small radio presence throughout Southern California. Seven years of DJing has afforded him many opportunities to perform at notable clubs in the greater Los Angeles area and Inland Empire.

Following a deadly car crash that nearly took his life, he gave up the turntables for nearly two years in his pursuit for knowledge. He landed up his second creative passion, writing. Within that time, he has released two books. Both articulate pieces of writing tell the inner workings of a man in society.

Derek Contreras is on a crusade for greatness. Draw your attention regularly for updated works.

Derek and his family also own a chain of flower shops. Wether it is weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and more, there are flowers for all occasions.  If you're interested in floral arrangements for a wedding/DJ, please click here or here to schedule an appt. For San Bernardino Florists click here .


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