The Mission Is Great

What is your mission? What is the path leading you to an enriched life? The journey makes the person, and the person makes the journey. With this in mind, what is the reason you are getting out of your twin-sized bed in the morning? What do you do it all for? Who do you do everything for? When you wake up, are you determined to leave people in shock and awe with everything you do? Or are you the average person that does the same thing every day?

No one remembers the average person. The funeral of an average person isn’t flooded with soliloquies of reverence, because the funeral of an average person is remembered, then forgotten. To be plain and blunt, the average person’s funeral is filled with clichés. Don’t be a cliché.

As they lower your body ten feet underground, give them a reason to speak highly of you. The greater you are in life, the more they’ll speak of you when you’re gone. Babe Ruth once said in The Sandlot, “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” Crafting a legacy is to create a piece of you on this earth after you leave.

Your work is your legacy.

Your children are your legacy.

Your ambition is your legacy.

Your story is your legacy.

What will you leave behind at the end of the day? What I leave here on this earth after death will either grant me immortality through a legacy or create an obituary that will be thrown away. Immortality is what we all want, but is so much more than breathing on this earth.

I wonder what it feels like to be immortal. I wonder what it feels like to live forever and not fear passing away. I’ve learned you cannot kill something that is ready to die. Therein this statement rests a deep metaphorical understanding I want my actions to capitalize on. My flesh will be defeated one day, but my soul will remain forever. If I passed away tomorrow, my spirit will be in a better place, and heaven is that better place. Wait, it is the best place! And this is my rendition of immortal. An immortality based on the grace and mercy of God.

Immortality on earth is vastly different. Earth has its own meaning of immortal which serves as the reason for this passage. I cannot live forever in the confines of this reality. Because of this fact, I want a piece to me to live forever like a Horcrux from Harry Potter. If I could leave a part of me behind to live forever on this earth, I would leave my books. I leave all the contents and the memories shared inside tangible objects filled with words. When I’m gone, I want the amazing things I’ve accomplished to leave a lasting impression. I’m on a mission to leave my legacy behind. A legacy I believe is backed by God himself. But I am no prophet or disciple. I am only human following the will of the Lord. I want God to use me because if you are not useful, then you are useless. I don’t want to be a nobody when it comes to God’s purpose. This need to be somebody for God is something we all should strive for, because it means building the world into a better place, which is His plan.

Everybody is born a nobody. It’s up to you to make something of yourself. It’s up to you to be somebody and have faith that God can get you there. The concept that everybody is born a nobody is a strange thought. You might mean everything to someone. You may mean something to a few people. If you want to be somebody, your influence has to protrude further. Step outside of your circle. Your city. Your state. Do people still know who you are? You are only a ‘somebody’ (make the finger quotes, lol) if people outside of your life knows who you are. An established name can build a legacy with that alone. An established name is being in a position where your reputation precedes you in all you do.

In my city, few knew my name. I was timid and shy in high school. I was afraid to make a big move, because I lacked the confidence to do so. As I evolved in high school, this train of thought altered how I maneuvered through life. I never got the girl. I never had the confidence to face my fears. I was threatened by other’s thoughts, which almost led to my downfall. I acted like a nobody, and to no surprise, I was treated as such. A blessing was sent from heaven in the form of friendship. My friends believed in me when I didn’t. And these friends wanted me to make something of myself. They saw something in me others refused to believe. They saw a legend in the making, and the worst of me was simply just a part of this chapter I was living.

Only true love sees what is hidden from the world. They pushed the limit to all the boundaries I placed in my head. My amazing friends encouraged me to be optimistic. They directed me to look at the glass half full when all I wanted was not to drown in the waters of my depression. But as I drowned in my tears one somber night, I had an epiphany.

A light bulb shined in my mind that brightened the future. I slid out of the covers that hid my shame and decided to make a difference that was as just as different as I was. Studying every location on earth, I began to realize I was placed here for a reason. What reason? To this day, I am still searching for it, but I believe making a difference is that reason. There is a mission we all have to fulfill to make this world a better place. My books may be my mission. This letter, soon to be chapter, may be what others need to pull inspiration from and make their difference. All the time spent reflecting on my purpose landed me in a mental tabernacle to talk to God. He told me that no action from there on out would be in vain, because He was counting on me. That night, I felt God nudging me to absorb all the nonsense in my head and expel the true contents of my personality. I felt the mold I was to emulate.

I extend these feelings to you.

Do you realize you were created by God? The greatest BEING who happens to be GOD made you. Yes, you! As with everybody, you were made for a purpose. Forget that you were a mistake baby (you may laugh here, lol). Upon birth, God gave us all missions. He gave you talents to succeed. He gave you a personality meant to show the world it can improve. Not being who God enlists you to be is slapping Him in the face. Not everyone is destined to be a superstar, but everyone is destined to make a difference. Our fifteen minutes of fame is a part of the mission. In that time, you need to be the man (or woman) of the hour and change the world. I never understood how people never used their God-given talents for anything useful.

How are you going to be over six feet tall and not become a basketball player? You’re slapping God in the face. How are you going to have a gift with words and use it to be Tyga? How can you ruin rap music with subpar lyrics? I joke, but God gave us a voice to be legendary. The great Martin Luther King Jr. used his God-given talent to amplify his speeches for civil rights. I cannot tell you what your mission is in this world. All I have concluded is there is no point in being alive if you don’t make a difference.

Your mission can be anything - from making a suicidal person smile to becoming the President of the United States.

Your mission may come down to one day, where you saves someone’s life.

Your mission may be a career where you bring everyday joy by your attitude.

Your mission may be assisting those who can’t live by themselves.

The mission is anything that helps others, and it is way too important to fail at it. You have to be great for the rest of the human population on this planet. Whether you like it or not, everyone needs inspiration. Everybody is inspired by everybody.There are measures that inspire people which I can never understand. Logic eludes me when it comes to Instagram memes. Despite my attitude, some people find inspiration in them.

What I aspire to be never inspired me.

My work doesn’t push me, but I find inspiration in an underdog’s success story. I find inspiration in a handicapped person that triumphs over their condition. It pushes me to the edge of my boundaries. What inspires me may not inspire another. Ice Cube aspired to have a blimp that read he was a pimp (add a lol). That inspired him daily. Today he is a retired rapper and a celebrated actor. When you find what inspires you, you have the motivation to work towards your mission. The mission of making a difference for God. The mission of making a change. The mission of advocating greatness in the world. We all need to be great and stop allowing the masses to entertain idiotic activity. Greatness won’t allow dumb choices.

Greatness won’t allow uninspired actions.

Greatness won’t allow males to take selfies unless it’s their birthday.

Greatness won’t allow the ladies to make the guest list and not the Dean’s list.

Greatness won’t allow men to sag their pants.

Greatness won’t allow the ladies to find meaning in Instagram ‘likes’ more so than having self-respect.

Greatness won’t allow men to treat their gender counterparts like objects.

Greatness is you portraying the image of God.

Greatness grants you a new perception on life.

Greatness teaches you to be persistent, like pressing the crosswalk button one hundred times until the walk light blinks on. I digress.

I used to think if I couldn’t pay attention to the small things, how could I give ample attention to the big. My mind was in reverse from what was right. Now, I realize how can I give my all towards my hopes and dreams if I’m giving myself to miniscule distractions. To be this great, esoteric human being, I can’t sweat the small things anymore. If I stay sweating the small shit, I’ll remain stepping in that bullshit forever. I gave attention to unimportant areas of my life, which I feel allowed me to lose some people, goals, and possessions I’ve been working hard for. My mission is to change the world, but the world was changing me after I failed at numerous goals.

I would cry many nights, because I didn’t get this or that job. I would pout daily, because didn’t get this car, or that material possession, because I didn’t have the money to buy it. I would ask what was wrong with me, because, I didn’t get this girl or that girl, because another man was better for her than me. The same night God told me to not commit suicide is the same night I decided to say fuck that! No, I didn’t say this to God. I said it as an expression that with God by my side, I will NEVER be number two again. No person, place, or thing will ever take me from being number one at whatever it is I choose to do. I have a drive that will no longer allow me to be mediocre. What is it going to take for you to get there?

Do you realize other men and women are trying to take what you have behind the scenes?

Do you have any idea how many dudes are in my future wife’s DMs trying to set themselves apart from the rest?

Do you have any idea how many resumes were sent to the job you applied for?

How do you differentiate yourself?

How do you present yourself as the damn king or queen?

My arrogant mindset tells me no man will ever win in a one on one against me again. My mental passions will no longer allow me to be mediocre. One is a lonely number, but it isn’t a lonely spot. People and resources flock to revel in the glory and power of number one. I never intend to act stupidly in this grand position. I just admire the fact that being number one gives you the spoils of life, and there is no problem with indulging every now and then, so long as you give thanks to God and give back to the community. Knowing this, no one will take my spot. If I can be number one for God and change this world, best believe I will die to get what I deserve. Why do I deserve anything? I don’t, but when I take it, make it better, and give back to others; tell me what I don’t deserve. I dare you.

The work to be legendary isn’t sunshine and rainbows. The start of anything is cruel, slow, and unrelenting. Most times it’s boring to start the journey. At times, I am scared to be the best, because I know I can fail as fast as I begin. Forging my first book from the ground up proved that I was lazy. I often blew off important tasks, because it was too much work for that moment.

The body reaches a point in every task where the mental speed bump needs extra energy to get over. Most people quit, but I don’t want to be like most people. Most people don’t give a shit about anything. And that’s a positive, because we all have the ability to take advantage of that. We all have the ability to take advantage of the stagnant behavior of others. When I chose to blow off simple tasks or do things that would elevate me to the next level, I was telling myself it’s okay to fuck off and not do a damn thing. I gave my mind the inclination it’s okay to feel like I don’t want to do something, then not actually do it. Whenever I tell my mind to slow down because I’m too tired to work on something, I’m telling myself it’s pleasurable to quit. When I quit once, It’ll be twice as easy to quit again.

There are nights when I am tired. There are nights I feel underrated, overlooked, and underestimated. These are the nights I call friends to bug the shit out of them. Patricia, a dear friend of mine, usually answers her hotline when it blings. Normally, she is busy, and can only entertain me for minutes at a time. Adamant about her future, she studies hour after hour for her CPA license. She doesn’t go out. She doesn’t give attention to those small, immature things. She doesn’t divy her attention to anything else, but her mission. Everyone needs a friend like Patricia, because after hanging up the phone, I am immediately reminded just as she is working her ass off with no signs of slowing down, someone else is out there doing the same. The difference is, they’re trying to take what I have.

Someone is out there trying to take what I have. WHAT I HAVE. FUCK THAT! Someone is out there working hard, they’re trying to be a great. They’re putting in man hours to take the job I want. They’re studying every night to run a business that will be my competitor. They’re reading books to woo my future wife with knowledge and intellect. Isn’t it silly to think another man is trying to take my future wife from me, even as I write this? I can’t let that happen. She can’t like another man, because he made her laugh one more time than I did. She can’t like another man, because his conversation was deeper than mine, and due to that fact, chose him over me. If he takes my wife, I lose my future children with her. I lose my home with her. I lose happy memories and a beautiful life. This could all happen, because I decided to be lazy for one night. If I layout the future like this, it’s easy to see how one simple night can determine if I win in life, or lose.

Whatever life will bring, I wish your eyes never fail you, deceive you, or misguide you. I hope your determination will always be right beside you. I pray your faith and progress will never grow apart from you. As far as I can see, your mission rests with you and God, and it is up to you to execute the plan and make a difference in this world. Good luck, and God bless you. :)

Yours Truly,