Write For Her Heart (An Excerpt From Write From The Heart)

To The Reason I Write This Book, My Future Wife,

    Hello. It’s me. I pray this letter finds you in a pleasant place. Expelling the contents of your heart leaves you exposed. You remain this vulnerable light bulb that radiates joy, but like a matchstick may blow away in a heartbeat. I will never truly know the number of others who have whispered they love you in your ear. So please hear me when I tell you I don’t want to share the same experience with you they did. How should I convey this message? Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, E-mail, text message, phone call, or a simple letter. Finding a way to come across is a long process. Thankfully, through all the mediums, I will keep it short by writing directly to you, the person I love.
    ESTA. contento, or at least, you used to be. Life seemed kind and carried the facade that everything would always be okay. Sometimes, Bad Meets Evil, and they tag team on your hopes and dreams. Maybe you caused the commotion, because you followed The Roots of your heart and did what you want. We are both 90’s babies, who entered a changing millennium of hurt. This is probably why we are now Souls of Mischief who chill until ‘16 til. I used to Mobb Deep with the people who stood by my side religiously. Nothing lasts forever, and things changed. Friendships got lost, and relationships failed. We are one and the same. A whole Nation went AWOL on you as they set sail towards life’s luxuries and other people. You learned that to lose love, you probably have to have it first.
    On a happiness scale of 1 to 5, I refuse to let you and me be the ones who are depressed and blue. I want to be Maroon 5 and let my tears of joy sign my signature across your lips. I want the words ‘forever’ tattooed across your heart. I am no Kid so Ink it on my sleeve, because that is where I wear my heart. Let’s pass the past. The pain seems Common, but a light shines when we are together, so I will never leave your side as if I was glued to your hip. Even Batman and Robin Thicked it out during their hardships. I want that. A best friend who fights with me until the end. I want to know there is No Doubt in our relationship when we wake up on a Sunday morning. Don’t speak. I don’t want a Problem that makes us think, “Like whaaat happened to us?” Allow those breeze blocks to fly away and Ctrl + Alt-J + Delete what you fear. Most men like to play games with you, but in The Game of Love, the doctor has advocated a daily dose of me.
    It is insane how all those heartbreakers took advantage of someone willing to give her all. You, now, remain a heartbreaking, heartbroken lover of love. Now, I don’t mean to Carey on the notes like Mariah, but you remind me of what I used to be. I was an inspired man, and you’ve brought me back to that same place. I will forever dance with you into the night because you Usher in a new dawn. I never thought there would be a probability I would meet you, but now, I see there is a Milky Chance this could last forever. Sad is unnecessary. There is a window of opportunity 3 Doors Down, and whether you believe I’m your kryptonite, I will always be your Superman. I will take a Nickleback for every person that put in their two cents. I, now, know you remind me of who I am supposed to become. I will always be short of a dollar, but with my 50 cents, I will try to make this whole as I ask you 21 questions.
    Every day, I’m one step closer to crawling away with you, but if we don’t Linkin the time you want, will you still Park your emotions in my driveway? If you felt I was the average Joe, will you still allow me to Budden into your life and try to make you happy? What if all our problems come crashing down at the same damn time, will you still believe in the Future? What if we didn’t have a Mill to spend, and everything feels Meek, will you still hold me up as a boss? If you fall out of love with me for a moment, will you still kiss me like Jadakissed her man, with all her willpower? When we hit our low and fall from our Max, Well... will you still care?
    I know through all this Lupe Fiasco, we can skate past what harms us. Daydreamin’ about you is like sleeping on a bed of flowers. Your sunshine smile is beautiful as it warms me up. Do you see how I feel about you? You’re the woman I love. I just can’t let you go when I know the Fabolous feeling we can incite within each other. Yes, I will fail you at times. You may despise my character and long to leave me, but I will stick with my plan A, because Jay-Z did the same, and now, he has his Queen Bee. The only G that told me this would be Eazy is God. I love you like Jesus loves you. When you hear me say I love you, just know, I mean it. I had a conversation with me, myself, and I and the three of us decided that God got us. He promises to walk with us if we put our faith in Him. Even if we are under pressure, Logic tells me The Lord will feed us with his soul food. I write with hope, because my friend Johnny told me it will Rain, but if “forever” is a word in our dictionary, it shouldn’t be a problem.
    I’ve heard the murMurs. Others are wanting you for themselves. Let them try. No one, and I mean no one, can make you feel the way I do. I want to know, who can love you like I do? We have to stay together, or the break up would devastate us forever. Music wouldn’t be the same without you. No DJ could elate us with joy after that Drama. I live to make you happy. I only know how to give so how can love be priceless when I feel like I’m in debt? I will never be selfish, except when it comes to you, because I will never share you or let you go. You are mine, and I am yours. I would fight a whole Slum Village to prove so. I would fight The Neighbourhood too. I’m the only one who deserves to hold you during sweater weather. Don’t look at me with a Crooked I. Lauryn got over every Hill she faced, and just like her, I can’t take my eyes off you.
    Full Disclosure, you knew I would latch onto you when we first met. Now, the pure Vance Joy I get, because your mess is mine and my mess is yours. I am no bullChet Faker; I will keep it no diggity with you, because talk is cheap. Truth or Dare? Truth? The truth is I love you, and I wish we could run to the sun. Dare? I dare you to be the woman you want me to love forever. I will always be your N*E*R*D*. I can show you more than what your heart knows, and you know that already. We can get to that love, where you tell your friends about me after work on The Weeknd. My mind will always be in the zone when I Drake and drive. There is more than one scenic route. There are plenty of views out there, but yours is the only one that is breathtaking. If home is where the heart is, then I live in your love. Let’s celebrate our marriage at THEPARTYNEXTDOOR. Recognize the rest of forever starts with ‘I do.’ As a Lady, you should be Gaga over this. I see the poker face you have, and I admire that. You want me to fight for what you are worth. I will. Shortly after, we will Ja Rule the world together and be livin’ it up.
    Let’s hop on a paper plane and go M.I.A. This isn’t just a fantasy. This is The Dream I play on repeat. If you’re my dream girl, then I will wake up to chase you. We are in the eleventh hour, and as The Love Prince, I am here to place this glass shoe on my princess. You are all that I need. Others want everything in the world. You are my world, and I am giving you the Alicia Keys to my heart, so when you open that door, just be open with me. I can hurt too, and nothing in this world matters if I ain’t got you, my love. Allow my love to be your addiction. Don’t drown yourself in alcohol. Put away the JMSN. Follow me. Love is blind, like Stevie, so I Wonder where we will end up. Isn’t it exciting?

    I love you the way God loves ugly. You can feel the love in the Atmosphere.

    I love you more than Trey loves to sing his Songz.  

Your Future Husband,