Dreams of Life and Fear

      Visions in the night are called dreams. In the moments of REM sleep, you will have them. A dream is a five minute vision that consumes your entire sleep of eight hours. In your dreams, you may see odd behaviors or strange worlds, but to your mind, they are nothing new. You may see a great accomplishment or wake in terror from a nightmare, but it isn’t real, or is it? The dreams that affect me the most is when I see the girl I once loved. You may see that same person, the one you loved as well. And even though you know it is wrong to want and need them, you still do. Just as Eve was taunted by the sweet fruit, you are also tempted until you succumb to your hunger of desiring that person nightly. Isn’t it crazy what our dreams can do to us. They can place us in an eternal moment of remembrance that only bears pain and sadness. As sad as this thought is, what if I looked at what dreams can do for us, rather than to us?

      Dreams must mean so much more than your imagination sharing a self-centered story, and displaying the cinema to yourself in the night. Dreams must mean so much more than watching a make-believe movie in your mind. They say everything happens for a reason, so dreams must have a reason as well. These visions are telling you something. Most dreams tell you to be great. Most dreams tell you to become somebody. What value does a dream hold to you? Are they just a process of your imagination or a subliminal message from God Himself? Dreams have to mean something. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in his dreams, but, unlike him, you do not know what to do with yours.


     Your dreams might tell you to achieve what you really want, and God is trying to help you understand how to get there.

      Your dreams may show you the happiness gained in pursuing your goals with all you have. But it's hard to search for something when you don’t know what you’re after.

     Your dreams may show you just how important someone is to you, and your dreams are helping you realize that fact.

     Your dreams may show you an event that will happen in the future.

     Your dreams may offer something worth chasing.


      That is why you chase your dreams, because they offer ideas worth following. You may want to follow your dreams because they recur nightly, but what happens when fear steps in grinning, daring you to proceed? You may have a motivational dream to get what you want, but you don’t have a plan, and this is when fear makes a home in your mental state. Strangely, when you wake, the fear of losing propels your imagination to enter another state of mind.


     You fear losing in life.

     You fear failing in reaching your goals.

     You fear losing the loved one you’ve been fighting for all these years.

     You fear trying a healthier relationship because of what has happened before.

     You fear not being accepted by the people in your life.

      You fear everything that has never happened, but could.


      You know what fear feels like, but do you know what it means? You should hardwire yourself to be optimistic when fear sets in, because similar to pain, fear is something that can be cherished. Your fears should be just as insightful as your dreams. You’re probably thinking, “How the hell can fear be beneficial?” Because of fear, your mind creates an unintentional story of how these incidents of failure will occur. Your fear has imagery and a plot. Your fear has a resolution and a climax. Your fear creates characters in your mind. Fear paints an entire story of how failure can exist in a million situations, and the funny thing is, you are the main character of everything you feel. Fear creates stories in your head, because you are desperate to know what will happen next. Fear is your mind's way of negatively painting how the future will happen.


     Fear will paint your future with your lover.

     Fear will paint your future with your goals and passions.

     Fear will paint your future and how you will mentally be able to survive life.

     Fear will paint everything, and drip into the reality you call life, if you allow it.


     Here is where we can use fear as a positive trait.


     Fear can create pretend scenarios for you to live in and execute failures until you succeed.

      The more you learn from your fears, the less you try to allow bad events to alter your future. Don’t dismiss your fears. They’re trying to tell you something about the last time you failed. Review them every day so you can learn from the mistakes made in your head. Translate your fears into preparation and action, so you will never make the same mistake again. Fear makes you imagine every possible situation and eliminate the bad ones, if you have the power to do so. Garner the strength it takes to focus on the fearful moments that can make you, not break you.

     As a football player in high school, we were told to imagine playing in the game until the game started. I imagined all the bad things that could happen. I imagined dropping the ball or missing a tackle. After a while, I honed my focus towards the solution. I imagined me actually catching the ball and played out how I would tackle a talented player if he was to do “this” or “that”. My fear allowed me to create solutions for all the problems in my mind.

     You yourself can do the same, but sometimes our worst fears do come true. This may occur because you may not have prepared for it well. Possibly, you didn’t imagine it in your head enough to find a way to defeat the problem or succeed.
     At times, you won’t know what fear to listen to the most. Just remember, when you stare into someone’s eyes, they have fears too. You just have to pray they aren’t listening to the wrong story that fear is painting in their life. If God can use the bad for good, so can we. You must allow your fear to manifest itself into a million stories and pick the one that offers success and hard work.

     Do not run away from the stories that scare you. Fear is a great gift, and somewhere in fear lies the truth. It is up to you to envision it. It is up to you to dream it.