A Letter To My Future Wife Pt. 2

To The Girl Who Makes My Life A Movie,


     The scene opens up on two lovers. A brand new connection burns on both sides of an eternal candle as they sit on the hill. The lighting is perfect. The summer breeze fragrances the air with nature. The sun is going to sleep as it creeps behind the hill, heading for bed. The director lines the shot perfectly on the lovers half-lit faces right before the big kiss. Lights, camera, action.

     To my future wife, there is no need to act different once we kiss. I will never change, and if it you are reading this, you know that I never have. Consistency will always remain my strong suit for you. Actors get paid to act, I don’t. I get paid to speak my mind, and since there are so many things I want to tell you, why not say it.

     I’ve said many words just to show you how happy I am with us. Anxious to write our chapter of love, I stole Sean's Penn to scribble my thoughts for you. I have the Kevin Hart to shout my love with my chest. Before we met, I was enslaved to the idea that I would never find someone for me. My mind was a prison, and I wasn’t a Freeman just like Morgan in The Shawshank Redemption. Depression ensnared my soul, that is, until I wrapped my arms around you. From then on, I was set free from my mental shackles. Nia Longed for the perfect person, but unlike her, I just want someone perfect for me. I can appreciate a delicate flower such as yourself. You saved me, so it is only natural I do the same unto you. I’m sorry your ex dragged you in the dirt. For what it is Hemsworth, my friend Chris taught me how to avenge your love, and I will do so with my mighty hammer of words.

     Love is priceless. I will show you your worth if you forgot the price you are. Someone should have told Kathy that there are no reBates on love. Don’t look to her for inspiration. She lives in misery. We can take a trip to Loveland and spend a week in Brad’s Pitt for our honeymoon. I am not your ex, you can smell what I am cooking, and what you are smelling is a full course meal of hope. I promise to be The Rock to your foundation. Not even Jodie could Foster a stronger bond than what we can build.

     What we have is what we need, but what about basking in the glory of life’s luxuries? There’s no harm in thinking of a fun-filled future? A house. Maybe some cars? We can drive in Abraham’s Lincoln and Tom Cruise in the fast lane, adjacent to the scenic route. You can be my Penelope as we Cruz with the wind in our hair. You are similar to Winona because you are also a Ryder, but she would never die for the type of love we have. I’ll buy you a Mustang to plead my cause. One day, not even Harrison will be able to aFord everything I will give you. If that isn’t your style, Bradley said the Mini Cooper’s are quite good. I joke. I joke. On a more serious note, I will carry enough DiNiro than Robert to splurge on you spiritually, emotionally, and monetarily.

     Life isn’t solely about being wealthy in different areas. It is about enjoying our time together and making compromises against our will, but for the bigger purpose. It isn’t about my way, your way, or Anne’s Hathaway. It is about showing the world that true love can exist. We can do this. We will get to that point, and from Theron out, every girl named Charlize will be jealous of the man you bagged.

     I won't lie to you, there will be tears. There will be days where we contemplate giving up. I want you to know that once I say, "I love you," there is no going back. There will be no breaks. There will be no space needed. Kevin taught me when a woman is acting Spacey, it is over for good. That will never happen. Bruce’ Willis not stronger than my will to keep us in an eternal state of happiness. I can be an idiot at times, but please don’t burn our bridges when I don't act the way you deserve me to be. If an accident occurs, my friend Jeff taught me how to build new Bridges to speak to one another. In the event that we do fail, we can speak to my therapist Richard, Pyror to the inevitable break-up. His comic stance on love would surely revitalize our relationship.

     Don’t Bale on me when the going gets tough, because I bring Christian morals to solve our dilemmas. Whether you believe in The Bible or fairy tales, just know that I am your Suge Knight in shining armor. The only thing is, I don’t have a valiant steed to ride on and save your from the tall walls of any castle. Even so, not even Bill could build Gates high enough to keep me from you. And once I reach the door to your room, I will use Russell’s Crowe bar to break you out of Nicholas’ Cage. I know I’m not the strongest man. I may be a slim Jim, but I will Carrey you in my arms and never let you go.

     I will never let you go. Yeah, that sounds amazing to me. No. No. Don’t worry about me wanting to chase other women. I made up my mind. You’re the one for me. Kristen can’t ring my Bell any better than Anita Baker. Jennifer can’t Garner my attention like you do. Vivica isn’t close to being the sexy Fox that you are. You electrify my life with more Watts than Nyomi. Olivia can’t drive me as Wilde as you do. Jane isn’t as Fonda me as you are. Elizabeth doesn’t match my lifestyle the way you Tailor to my personality.

     I guess what I’m trying to say is, you are my princess. I will bend on one knee to show you that my world revolves around you. If you say yes, I will place Emma’s Stone on your left hand. I will make you a Queen in the land of Latifa, and you will be adored by all. You will rule from Jonah’s Hill to Tara’s Banks by the countryside. Once we rule the world together, we will complete our lives by raising a family.

     A son to lead once I am gone. A daughter to cherish with chivalry. Paul won’t get to see his daughter grow up, so when we have a daughter, I promise to Walker through every facet of life with the same love I place in you. Jude’s Law states that it is a man’s responsibility to lead his family. I don’t see how I can fail because I am too excited to succeed for You and I. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever scene.

My love is real. You will never think I am acting,

Your Future Husband