A Letter To My Future Wife...

To My Future Wife,

     I have been broken down and fixed back up. Many women put efforts into making me the man I am today, unknowing that they were preparing me for you. I only have sights for your adoration. Amnesia has deleted my past. When the last girl told me to, "Get a life,” I searched for you. I’m amazed someone understood the calligraphy of my actions, and found a method to appreciate what others devalued. Your grace has brought justice to my mind of turmoil. No title will ever be able to describe what we are. Our relationship came with an “assembly required” sticker, and I’m grateful I get to build my life with an angel who lost her wings, then found me. With you, it feels as if my gas tank is always full and I forever have a fresh haircut.

     I’m not thirsty, but pour out your heart to me so I am reminded of what it is like to be drunk in love all over again. Forgive the Beyoncé reference, but I embrace life in the hopes of being your Clyde. I wasn’t a “King” until you became my “Queen”. I harmonize songs called “Forever” that feature you. It is Ironic that when I lie with you, the world comes to a standstill. I’ve waited for the day where our love was no longer emotional, but spiritual. I’ve been a logical person my whole life, yet, in this moment, I’m delighted my heart made this major decision to choose you over everyone else . 

     I want you to know, at times, we will have more bad days than good. Every good day will be a blessing, and every bad day will be a lesson learned. I will appreciate your angelic beauty on the good days. I will grow with you on the bad days. Marrying you will bring us halfway to heaven, and once I say, "I do," I don't expect to say, "I can't," during any trail or tribulation. My commitment goes deeper than emotions. My commitment is a choice and I promised God to be the man you prayed for. I pray I can deliver the very same things I desire from you. I will accept you as you are, just as Jesus loves me despite my sin. Just remember a real couple doesn’t find love, they create it.

With everlasting love,

The Man You Hope to Meet

P.S. Babe, greet the morning with a smile. If today offers your last breath, just become speechless by letting your actions become legendary. Wake up with the conviction that you won’t let your loved ones down, as they are a reflection of yourself. Be purposeful with how you achieve today so happiness isn’t accidental. Do your best in the worst of situations, because no one told me I couldn't count my blessings in hell. Make every day a resolution to your problems. Don't wait for New Years to transform your life. As long as I am here, there is no need to worry about who isn’t in your life. Give the day everything you can like Derek Fisher with 0.4 seconds left. Doing anything worthwhile takes forever. 90% of what separates success and failure are time, effort, and stamina. Just remember, doing well in life isn’t job one, being totally amazing is job one. You are AWEsome. You inspire me. I yearn for the day I can wake up with you, and greet “my life” with a smile.