The Madder Hatter

     It is infectious to listen to my mind. A constant wave of anger slushes back and forth. This anger is not contagious by any means, but it serves as a relief to let it all out from time to time. I don’t want to misplace the energy I give in life. I don’t want to have displaced anger, but sometimes, this world just seems to gang up on me. It is as if bills, people’s stupidity, work, daily chores, and life tag team to beat me down. It is like a massive group thought. It all joins the same mind and decides to riot against me. It is almost as if everything tries to jump me as soon as I step in the vicinity. I am punched in the face and left to be kicked on the ground. That is me on the ground, trying to stand back up as I’m forced to stay that way.

     My own mind taunts me. It itches me to fight the battles that are not worth it. My heart has taken a beating long enough in life. I poured my heart out so much I am shocked that it is still alive. The truth doesn’t offend me. The truth sets me free but it goes without taking punches in return. This negative energy inspires madness that I refuse to take out on others. Self-destruction occurs as I implode internally. I don’t want to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders alone. I don’t want to face every trial and tribulation. August Alsina said, “Even self-made men don’t want to do it by themselves.” I don’t want to be The Madder Hatter, placing a crown of spite on my ego. It is hard to tell when I am mad. It is difficult to tell if I’m ever upset. Do you want to know what makes me mad?

    People who slander Donald Trump when it is easier to slander them for their actions. Do you want to know what makes me mad? Parents not spanking their children when they act up in public. Do you want to know what makes me mad? Feminists who pick and choose the issue they would like to partake in while they downplay other feminist issues. Do you want to know what makes me mad? Not all gas tanks are on the same side of the car. Do you want to know what makes me mad? People who use WIC to buy groceries but try to get items not permissible for their tickets, then hold up the line at the store by replacing the items at the checkout. Do you want to know what makes me mad? The fact there isn't a gallon version of Capri Sun. Do you want to know what makes me mad? The fact they haven’t made a Pop Tart that is all corner. Do you want to know what makes me mad? Overdraft fees! Decline my card. Don’t let me spend money over the limit so you can charge $35 for me being irresponsible.

    Wanna know what gets me mad? When I have to poop more than once in a day. Like my body couldn’t be resourceful enough to do it all in one go. Wanna know what gets me mad? Why they haven’t invented a washer that dries the clothes in the same wash. We’ve put people on the moon (debatable, lol), but we can’t wash and dry our clothes in one cycle? Smh. Wanna know what makes me mad? Men who can’t be faithful. Like you found a girl who will do anything for you whenever you want. She does all the desires you want daily and you cheat on her. C’mon now. What’s wrong with you. Why you wanna hang out with the guys so much instead of your lady at night. Smh. Wanna know what makes me mad? The fact that all these chicks think Beyonce is for them. Beyonce was never poor but was telling men to pay her bills. She don’t relate. Beyonce was telling single ladies to find a ring like she wasn’t married. She don’t relate. Beyonce don’t relate to any of these women, but they worship her. Wanna know what makes me mad?..... Well, I could go on and on, but I’m like an angry old man! 

   Find a way to laugh at the obscenities life has to offer. I think one of the measures of aging well is the idea of laughing at yourself. My life is pretty funny too! God bless ya'll.