Enter The Mind of... Pt. 1

    This segment is for those in the grown age of 21 and up. That means you most likely, lol. The contents of growth are never truly shared in this society now. All people talk about is pathetic ass things and I’m like, how do grown men have all this "game" if they talk bullshit these days? Maybe people don’t know any better so they accept what is given. What is given today would most likely not suffice for yesterday. What will a grown soul be like by the time we age? Will any powerful thoughts be welcome. This sounds too mature to be enjoyable, but think about it - with communication comes the greatest sex, diplomacy and cordial arguments, late talks in the night that build the soul for one another, and aiding in the building of thought. I would like to share some of the few things I have learned in the past couple of months:


  1. I’ve seen enough in this world to believe in what I haven’t seen. There is no proof that God, sasquatch, and all these other things don’t exist. From my time allotted here, I know there is more out there whether it be in the forest or in heaven, lol.

  2. I have been plotting and scheming for quite some time for my future. I’ve learned a great deal of patience. I’ve learned consistency. I’ve gained confidence in time. I’ve found wisdom in repetition. It’s only a matter of time before this King lands on his throne. He cannot remain a prince forever. Patience and hard work are my friends. Not all investments show immediate returns, sometimes you have to add a little patience.

  3. Everyone you start with, won’t be the same people you finish with. I’ve come to terms with that. It’s part of the aging process that makes someone an adult. It’s not a good nor bad thing, it’s an evolution thing. As time passes and people grow, everyone creates their own goals, but sometimes those goals don’t align with your chemistry. The goal is to fine tune your machine until it runs how you want it to run. Sometimes, others do not fit the mold for that machine.

  4. Love Yourself, so we can learn to love you.

  5. I work hard because I don’t want my woman to have to work for someone else or work her ass off continually. I want my dreams to be able to finance hers and my future childrens’ dreams. You would think this makes me a noble man but it doesn’t. This doesn’t make me the perfect man because I’m far from perfect. It is pathetic to think I should be praised for acting chivalrous and performing my duty. The funny thing is, I do get the, “Why do you work so much?” I say, "I don’t want my wife or kids to be slaves." When I marry and reproduce, I want it to be right for them. When you wonder why I do so much, It’s for her and my potential children. I’ll lose friends and people I liked or cared for along the way... But I’ve never lost anyone worth keeping. Maybe that is why some people like "her" is still here.

  6. Being yourself can prove to be challenging when you are constantly remodeling yourself. At times, I stripped myself of all my thoughts and opinions just to reach the foundation of who I am. This allowed me to rebuild the mental structure of how I operate. This is all apart of self-actualization and realizing who I am as a man. I need to know why I am doing things and reflecting helps me achieve that.

  7. Consistency. With time, I learned that not a single soul on this planet is consistent but a hand few of people. How many people treat the person they love with consistency? That is more telling than anything. It takes ten thousand hours to master something, so how many hours are people spending being consistent with the person they love or the goals they hope to acquire. I’m pretty sure I beat EVERYONE in consistency, call me out if i’m not. I don’t play that sucka bullsh*t. If I said I wanted something or I will get somewhere, I really mean it.

  8. Some days you gotta be more than what you are.

  9. Love isn’t long division with a remainder left over. I will add adoration and subtract negativity from the remaining relationships. I will multiply  your happiness if you choose to rise with me exponentially. Give me some more effort. Talk to me more. It’ll only benefit you in the long run and the short run.

  10. I have no idea what my limits are physically, mentally, etc. etc. but that’s a positive in my eyes. I’m 24 and don’t know what I’m fully capable of yet, which could be a lot. A LOT. Who said they can touch me? I’ll wait. Lol,  but I’ll keep pushing myself to the limit and beyond till I figure out what and who I am.

  11. Conversation is the most important thing on this planet. Not only do I excel at conversation I have the power to do and manipulate as I please. Even in this fact I have a lot to learn so I do not use my words for desires and pleasures. I simply only want to use words to comb the minds of the people I care for. Communicating turns me on, so if you're a fine lady, turn me on, and leave that lights switch on.

  12. You are not the best version of yourself if you can allow a lack of communication get the best of you. As an intellect, it is your duty to negotiate egos with words and patience. A lack of communication can ruin relationships and/or friendships. A relationship should overcome the hurdles of pride. Don't lose those you love. You have the right to be wrong. Use that right. 

  13. If I randomly hit the “call” button on FaceTime, you better answer.

  14. A man named Philly once said, "Never take for granted the people who are selfless… You see, you’ll quickly realize how optional “selflessness” is when you meet a someone that can’t think beyond things that directly affect them."

     Put your hands together for deep thoughts. Pick your head up when life brings you down. Center your attention outside of the box. Sometimes, I speak to myself just to speak to you. Some people speak to me just to speak to themselves. Whatever you are going through, know I am going through the same or made it out to tell my story to you and myself.