Enter The Mind of... Pt. 3

  1. Feedback is a gift. Solicit it and review each case of one’s thoughts and concerns. I’ve been told my mind is a gold mine of thoughts, but only when someone else sorts out that content does it all come alive. DJ mixes, books, and major life situations were guided by the helping hand of those who sought to make me better. I never gave anyone the steering wheel to my mind, but I did allow advice to be the north star to help me during my travels. Feedback also keeps you grounded if you are stroking your own ego. Your close ones will most likely never see you as a superstar or too big to console. Always keep people around that are not “yes” men. Don’t let the feedback govern you, but act as the president (POTUS). The president isn’t an expert in any field, he is simply someone who has selected those to help him on a bigger mission. Even the president needs advice but ultimately all the decisions rest on his shoulder. You should know best in every situation because you should gather the information to do so.

  2. Our culture should practice suffering. As strange as this may sound, many believe suffering is a personal attack that breathes trial and tribulation with no end or gain. To practice suffering means to embrace the lessons, adversity, and faith that will help nourish your motivations and help you find yourself. When shit hits the fan, people look to God for help, and get mad when He doesn’t resolve the problem immediately. God can turn bad into good, but that doesn’t mean comfort is immediate when you ask for it. Immediate comfort on His behalf would nullify the lessons to be learned, which also happens to be the good within the bad. The good from the bad situations are the lessons and faith you improve on during those times. Live and learn.

  3. People love having opinions, but carry no knowledge behind them. Actually, people get uncomfortable with not having an opinion. We live in an era where information comes and goes, but if you are going to speak on something, at least make an informed opinion. If you don’t know anything about a topic, it is okay to say, “I don’t know enough to speak on it…” Truthfully, 97% can’t speak on politics, and it’s okay for them not to speak on it unless they’ve done an ample amount of research!

  4. Everybody is trying to find the right way to do the wrong thing.

  5. I hate hearing, “Everything happens for a reason.” God is not staring down at you from a panoramic roof giving you his divine intervention EVERY SECOND! For comfort during tough times, people say, “Everything happens for a reason…” No, shit! You’re that reason. You did this or that and ended up in this situation! I admire those who remain positive through thick and thin, but stop blaming God for the bad that happens in your life when you made the choices. "Everything" that is happening is your fault, not God working in mysterious ways because you're special! If you need help, call 1 (800) YO-FAULT. Why? Because it’s your fault!

  6. Why are people offended by every damn thing!? I tend to have a big mouth, but I don’t speak without knowing what I’m speaking of (most of the time, lol). I tend to offend those who aren’t ready to hear anything about themselves. You can only be offended by something if you believe it is true and are purposely ignoring the problem or situation. If you're going to offend someone, you need to offend someone for the right reasons. Offending someone brings change. It is basically telling someone something they don't want to hear. I've been offended into growing, so why can't we all do the like and grow? The only time we should not offend others is in a situation they cannot change. If someone has no legs, it is NOT COOL to offend them. Be cool, lol. 

  7. There is a difference between bullying and shaming. Ladies are always mad, saying that men slut shame. No, we are shaming you because you can do better! Men even slut shame other men, so, yes, we treat everyone with equality. Ladies, you can slut shame us as well, no hard feelings. Please do so! Shaming is telling you what you’re doing is wrong, and we think you can do better with your life. Bullying is hoping someone reacts negatively to the words you are saying. I actually think we need more shaming, because morals and standards are becoming much lower than previously before. We need to shame people for the bad food they eat, sleeping with multiple partners (because of pregnancy and STDs), spending habits, and sooooo much more. Stop being afraid to offend people because you are shaming them! Don’t listen to dumb people who say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Those people pay for their Netflix account while other people use it for free.


Until next time, take care.