2016 Poetry Hills Drive by Wasmy Massillon (@Wxsmy)

I Grew Up Thinking My Pupils Were Black

Am I the only one that grew up thinking my were my pupils were black?
Rather than appreciating my accomplishments, they always reminded me about the skills I lacked.
Maybe it was because I went to a black school and that's all I saw.
Where the system was made to drag you down with the sharpest claws.
Maybe it was because I wasn't one of the brightest, thoughts were full of space.
Where every situation can be easily blamed on race.
To soon learn that black wasn't a color. How can that be?
Black was always an option in the crayon box. It's something my eyes can see.
Black is the visual impression when no visible light reaches the eye
So how were we considered "colored" if the rules didn't comply
So this whole time I thought black was a color, it was really considered colorless
Maybe it's just my stubbornness or another thing controlled by the US Government.
Why can't we live in world that doesn't emphasize on color?
Where we're all sisters and brothers and love one another.
Then I saw the light. 

The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back

She said to him:
I'm tired
Past few months you weren't the one I once admired
Friends telling me "the only option is divorce"
What else is there to do when the relationship ran its course.
We described our "up and downs" as humps and you promised change
When you were down I helped you up, but you didn't do the same
You just left me here deserted as the sands of time pass by
You swore to me you were worth it
I should've known that was a lie
You were gold in my eyes, but now you're just wooden.
You were dehydrated.
Not from the absence of our love
You were just thirsty for another woman.