Enter The Mind of...Pt. 2

  1. During this juncture of my life, I realize effort is often overlooked. I’m talking about effort in the sense of communication, trying to reach out to speak, giving minimal effort to show you care about someone other than yourself. Maybe I was born in this decade by mistake, but if God makes no mistakes, I’ll just add this to the list of funny things He does.

  2. Check your ego and pride at the door when you speak to me. Stop acting like you don’t need others, and stop acting like you are too good to ask for help. You look foolish when you come to me asking for help and contradict this tough persona you offer. It is always good to know I bring much to the table when you ask me. I am a useful, not useless person, but if image is a concern; don’t look dumb being a double negative. Be vulnerable from the get go. Don't allow small minds to convince you it is weak. Vulnerability begets courage, compassion, and connection. It is actually more fun than it sounds. Give it a try.

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about voting yet, but we have to understand no president will solve the situation that you're in. You need to politic yourself. President Obama can’t govern by using methods of micromanaging, so I highly doubt your dreams are going to be supplemented by any president after. If you want to be successful, hold yourself accountable. If you want to be somebody that makes a difference, know that you can't help poor people if you are poor. You have to do better by yourself. Maybe, just maybe, one day, the framework of what these presidents are fabricating will help you accomplish what you need to achieve your dreams. Until then, stop complaining and reach your dreams by yourself.

  4. Doing anything to put someone down is the stupidest thing you can do in the long run. I see so many talking down to others on Twitter. People acting like bullies. People talking shit for NO REASON other than the fact to be right for literally 15 minutes of fame. Everything online will last for an eternity. Your kids will stalk your twitter one day. They’re going to ask why you were a dick to someone who is socially helpless. They’re going to ask why their dad tried to be cool in the attempt to slick talk all these woman before their mom. They’re going to ask why their mom posted pictures looking like a hoe. To think about it - these kids are going to have a lot of questions for many of you.

  5. When people think of love, they only think of all the good parts. The pretty parts. The romantic parts. They don’t speak of the parts that it takes to love yourself. They don’t speak of the hard parts. The unselfish parts. This is a conversation that needs to be had. It is quite annoying. People think about love like it is a vacation. It’s like traveling across the country for vacation, but not thinking about adding gas, buying food, hotels, etc,. Can’t have the good without the bad. I'm paying attention to it all. I am not only thinking about the good parts. I'm thinking of compromising in disagreements. I'm thinking of taking time off of my hobbies to take care of her when she needs me. I'm thinking of spoiling her when I'm tired and exhausted from my day to day work. I'm thinking of waking up with the baby just so she can sleep for once.

  6. There is something so sexy about being appreciated by someone of the opposite sex. A lot of people feel entitled to your time as time progresses and you grow with age. But if someone appreciates that you're doing something for them, oh my goodness it is so exciting to find people like that...

  7. Our culture is obsessed with unrealistic goals of happiness. We need to be happier and smarter and everything that pushes you to be a God. I found this thought made me depressed because I could never achieve all the unrealistic expectations. Then I log onto IG and Twitter and see everyone getting married, their lover buying them clothes, someone getting their dreams job, etc, and I instantly feel lesser. What ever happened to just having a shitty day without it taking effect on your mental. Part of life is the lows, but our culture tells us lows are your fault, and you should feel guilty for not being happy 24/7. Weird.  

These are more thoughts from my mind. I hope you entered with an open mind. Until then...


Take Care,